Quadrant PPC is a premium Digital Marketing Agency dedicated in providing substantial transformation to your business by implementing successfully tested ‘Digital Marketing’ Strategies and help you unearth benefits of these strategies and in the process deliver a beneficial ROI.

Before getting started, Quadrant PPC would be committed to understand your business, as we believe in grasping every little detail about your Company and the market in which you operate, as this would enable us to serve you better.

Quadrant PPC is one of the few Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad to be Certified as a Google Partner.

We offer full-fledged Digital Marketing services that include:

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing:

Pay Per Click marketing (or) Cost Per Click (or) Paid Advertising is an online marketing strategy used to attract instant traffic to your website and in the process deliver substantial ROI to your business instantly.

In this advertising strategy, you (the advertiser) pay a certain pre-determined amount, to the search engine, only when someone clicks on your ad. This strategy offers you more flexibility in terms of handling your budgets, being visible only to relevant customers and so on.

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Digital Marketing – PPC Agency
Digital Marketing – SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a digital strategy employed to enhance possibility of your webpage appearing at the top of search engines. The web links or web page appearing in the search engine rankings is ofter referred to as “Organic” links. These organic links are often perceived to be more reliable and trustworthy, and drive substantial traffic to your website. Which is precisely why SEO strategy should be at the heart of any organizations marketing plan.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)
In this digital age, social media is being used as a tool by organizations to establish a direct connection with their customer base. Social media is a powerful tool which helps you build a strong relationship with your customers which has a direct impact on your business and sales.

However, what business organizations fail to understand is that Social Media is a two way interaction tool and not just a sales channel where you keep promoting your products. If used in a constructive way, social media offers you a chance to build on your brand image.

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Digital Marketing Agency– Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing – Content Management

Content Management
Content Management is the most critical element of your digital marketing strategy. How you define and deliver content goes a long way in driving traffic to your website.

PPC works when you have relevant and eye catchy message in the limited ad space.

SEO works when your website has relevant and informative content.

Social Media works when you pass on the right message at the right time to the right people.

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Remarking helps you target those customers who have visited your website and shown potential interest in your product/service. This is a clever strategy to stay in touch with those potential customers by showing up on other web pages that these potential customers visit.

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Digital ReMarketing
E-mail & SMS Marketing

E-mail & SMS Marketing
E-mail & SMS marketing is a budget friendly strategy that helps you reach directly to your customers inbox or mobile. This strategy is often used to have a direct communication and prompt your customers to take action by showing interest in your product/service.

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