SEO Strategy: One Substantial Reason Why It Works For You

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Potential customers come to Google’s search engine and type in ‘product relevant’ keywords in the hope that they find reliable websites (like yours) who provide them with precise products that they are looking for. 

In doing so, these potential customers are looking for trustworthy sites who fulfill their need as per their requirements. Trust is thus the major influential factor that companies can earn by adopting SEO Strategy

And it’s no secret that, in business trust is what binds people to a certain company and its products.

For instance, imagine someone looking for a Florist in MG Road and they fancy using the keyword ‘Flower Bouquets in MG Road’ on Google. And if you (a Florist on MG Road) have used that keyword then your business/website is bound to appear on Google’s search engine listing. 

Google, on whose search engine we look for unlimited information and/or products, is one of the most powerful search engine tools. They want the best websites to appear on top as their reliability and trust is at stake too. Providing a link to SEO service companies when customers are actually looking for ‘flower Bouquet in MG Road’ make no sense. Google thus uses powerful robots (spiders) to track down those relevant websites providing the products or services that its users are looking for.

It’s like Google handpicks those websites that are certain to be the ones users are looking for. Every soul on this planet thus finds Google to be reliable and consciously or, in most cases, sub-consciously users have placed their trust in Google to come up with assured websites like yours to cater to customer needs.

But why use SEO as a part of your marketing strategy?
The substantial benefit SEO has over other marketing channels is that your potential clients come looking for you through search engines thus indicating a strong interest in your product. Whereas in traditional marketing or for that matter to an extent in social media marketing, you (as a company) put yourself in front of random users in hope that they show interest and are in right frame of mind to make an enquiry for your product.

Additional Tip: The keyword being used by customers can give you an idea as to what stage of purchase cycle they are in. For instance, the person looking for ‘Flower Bouquets in MG Road’ is likely to be a potential customer who is at an initial stage of purchase cycle and is gathering information about the product. Whereas another person looking for ‘Orchid Flowers in MG Road’ is a well-informed customer who knows what they want and is close to making a purchase.

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