Customer Behaviour to Search Results

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89% consumers search for products using search engines (Source: PR Newswire). 78% customers are influenced by company posts (Source: Forbes). These numbers are prima facie indicators of the
relevance of digital marketing and PPC.

PPC Customer Behaviour

Google AdWords when used correctly present the fastest way to appear on the first page. PPC
requires in-depth research of keywords to identify business viability; however, it is a comprehensive way to ensure your website reaches the first page, especially till the long-term organic ranking is established. A well-designed PPC ad, leading to relevant landing page ensures faster brand recognition, conversion and leads to higher sales.

Customer and Organic Links

Organic link building is a gradual process that requires consistent update of new and relevant
content to generate site visits. 94% customers click on organic search results on Google and Bing (Source: eConsultancy). Further, 90% of clicks on first page results is made on organic links and only 8.5% traffic search goes beyond the first page (Source: Here again the top 6-7 results get higher clicks than the bottom ones. Hence, this spot remains ever-competitive and your presence in the top spot in organic results is a key performance indicator and may not necessarily convert into a sale.

PPC Conversion Rate

PPC is a target marketing tool unlike organic SEO marketing, which has a broader application. Every PPC marketer strives for a conversion rate above 2%, which means at least 2 orders will be placed out of every 100 visitors. Since PPC ads are targeted towards particular product or service, and the landing page leads directly to the customer’s original search, the chances of conversion is higher. If the purchase is not made on the first visit, it will be made on a later visit.

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